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These are special floor coverings embedded with Silicon Carbide (Corundum) grains on the top surface which provide very high slip resistance rating.  Due to a superior PVC content and Silicon Carbide Grains, these floorings are able to withstand very high abrasion and are most suitable for areas where there is heavy foot fall & anti-slip properties are required like: Buses, Trains, Ramps, Wet Areas, etc.

TRACTION safety floorings are normally produced with a smooth A surface finish, however for enhanced slip resistance they are produced with an embossed surface finish from our “Matrix” range. For aesthetic properties these floorings are also embedded with multi coloured Polymer chips.

Salient Features:

  • Produced as per ISO requirements and with Fire & Smoke emission requirements which are most important for the transport industry.

  • Suitable for the transport sector like Buses, Trains, Lifts, Loading Ramps, Walk ways, Wet Areas, etc.

  • Slip Resistance of R11 or R12 can be achieved depending upon the top embossing selected.

  • Also Available with Glass Scrim Reinforcement for very high Dimensional Stability.

  • Product is “T “ rated due to it very high abrasion resistance properties.

  • Available in Plain colours or with Multi Coloured Chips.

  • Thickness available 1.50mm to 3mm.

  • Roll dimension – 2 mtr x 15 mtr.


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