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 Imported and Designer Wallpaper Supplier in Delhi NCR 


Your living and work spaces are the physical embodiment of all your hopes, dreams and emotions. You spend time in these spaces creating, working and living life to the fullest! It is no surprise then, that you wish them to be the most comfortable and beautiful looking places. We at INTERIOR SOLUTIONS can help you decorate your new space or refurbish it with our range of wallpapers.


INTERIOR SOLUTIONS is India’s leading specialty store for customized wallpapers. You can choose from our 30+ categories of over 5,000 designs of custom wallpapers exclusively for your space! New wallpaper designs are added every month to this expansive collection with unique categories like 3D, Zen, Nature, exclusive artist collections and exploding wallpapers. You can simply choose a design and order online from INTERIOR SOLUTIONS and we will deliver it to your doorstep anywhere in India and 30 countries around the world.


Our customized wallpapers are created by our creative design team in tune with the latest trends in home décor. You can follow our regular blogs to get inspirational trending home décor ideas as well as ideas for customized wallpapers to decorate your home and office. If you have a specific design in mind, or you are not able to select wallpapers as per your choices or need a wallpaper for a specific size. Then you should try Customized wallpapers. Be it your favorite superheroes, any holiday destination, landscape, nature-based themes, art patterns, we will be able to print it for you. ​We also have pre-designed collection in different categories like contemporary, modern, ethnic, and classy designs which are printed on high-quality papers. Size, colors, and design modifications are very much possible to match your requirements.


Our Wallpaper Collections


  • Wallpaper adheres easily and smoothly to walls, hiding many surface imperfection.

  • It can add warmth, depth, and style to a room that monotone paint simply cannot achieve.

  • Beautiful designs, intriguing textures, and beautiful prints have an impactful effect on the décor of a rooms.

  • Wallpaper can be used to create a designer look in any space, and can also be applied to just one wall as a feature wall.

  • Wallpaper can last up to 15 years and beyond, which makes it cost-effective in the long run. (properly hung wallpaper will last 3 times as long as plaint).

  • Wallpaper comes in a dazzling array of designs with an incredible selection of beautiful effects like pearl and glitter, raised inks, suede, gels, beads, foils, embossed silk textures, and natural grass cloth.


Wallpapers come in a wide variety to designs and materials. From stain resistant wallpapers to the scratch proof wallpapers.

A Designer Look

Apart from being durable and cost-effective, a wallpaper can give a designer look to your house rather dull and gloomy look of a painted house.

Cost Effective

Wallpaper lasts times longs, as compared to paint. If properly applied, it would easily hide the imperfections of your walls.

Easy To Clean

Wallpaper we make are coated so that they can be cleaned easily. This makes wall covering more durable than paints, which fade over repeated scrubbings.

East To Install

Many people are worried about how to put wallpapers up and when bored of the look, how to put it down.

Best Interior

Besides being easy to clean, the patterns on the wallpaper will help hide dirt and smudges. It’s better than a coat of paint which enhance your interior and makes your walls catchy.

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  • Why Buy Laminate Wood Floors?
    Laminate wood flooring is a popular flooring trend for homeowners and commercial contractors. Also known as, a floating wood tile, laminate flooring is made of a multi-layer synthetic flooring solution fused together with a lamination process. At Interior Solutions our floor laminate products meet or exceed all environmental, health and safety requirements, including formaldehyde emissions.
  • How Much Extra Laminate Flooring Should You Buy?
    When you're ready to replace your flooring, you need to put in an order for the right amount. If you're planning to use laminate, that means adding a little extra to your purchase: an additional percentage added on to the exact measurement of the flooring you need. Many homeowners, however, struggle to determine exactly how much they need.
  • Why Order Extra?
    When you place your laminate order, allow an additional 5-15% of your initial flooring measurement to account for waste. If the room is relatively simple--a square with no extra corners or features in the middle of the room that you need to work around--you can probably get away with 5% waste, especially with an experienced contractor installing your flooring. On the other hand, if you have a complicated room--or if the room is particularly small--you may need to go as high as 15% waste. You can be sure of consistency within the lot. While laminate flooring usually has few differences between one lot and the next, you may notice some differences--and you'd rather have a room with a consistent appearance. Ordering extra for waste prevents delays. If you don't order enough flooring in the first place, you may find yourself waiting around for more to come in. This can mean wasted time for your contractor or even result in your project getting pushed back, since the contractor may need to work on other projects while waiting for your materials to come in
  • What If the Box Doesn't Come with the Right Measurement?
    You need an extra 25 square feet of flooring, but each box only comes with 20 square feet. Can you get away with not ordering that extra five square feet of flooring, or should you take the plunge and order the extra box? Short answer? Ordering the extra box has several benefits. When it comes to flooring, too much is always better than too little. If you don't need to use all of the extra floorings you ordered when you install it, you can set the laminate flooring to the side, ideally in an area climate-controlled approximately the same way as the room where the flooring is installed. Then, if there is damage to the laminate in the future, you can easily use the extra flooring to make repairs--and it will be a better match for your existing flooring than if you try to buy a new batch. On the other hand, if you're working with an experienced contractor in a relatively simple room, you may be able to get by without buying that extra box--especially if you're on a tight budget. Before deciding to leave that extra box sitting on the shelf--virtual or otherwise--talk with your contractor about how much waste laminate they feel they will need for your room. Talking with your contractor can also give you a better idea of how much waste laminate they expect to need in general, which can help you make better buying choices
  • Is it Easy to Install Laminate Flooring?
    Yes, when it comes to flooring installation; it doesn't get much easier than laminate wood flooring installation. Installing laminate planks does require a few tools like a saw and a hammer but other than cutting the boards it doesn't require a professional installer. We do recommend if you have it in your budget to hire a laminate flooring installer in your area. However, if you can't afford to pay several dollars per square foot for a pro to install your new floors then don't worry you can easily do it yourself.
  • How to Decide Which Way to Lay Laminate Flooring?
    There is no one right direction to lay laminate flooring. Each home and each space has its distinctive characteristics, such as size, decor, and lighting. Deciding which way to lay laminate flooring depends on those characteristics. Below you can find information on common ways to lay your flooring, different types of patterns, and tips on avoiding laminate flooring installation fails. Google Images and Pinterest serve as great resources, too, if you are stuck or need some more ideas.
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