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Curtain rods and rails, along with their complementary accessories, are the equipment necessary to support drapery and window treatments throughout your home. Drapery Rods Direct customers can choose from a variety of both hidden and visible hardware made from quality materials such as artfully crafted wooden curtain rods or designer metal and wrought iron curtain rods.


Curtain rods are the backbone of your window treatments. In addition to providing support, the right curtain rod can elevate the look and feel of your room. But with so many different types of curtain rods to choose from, how do you decide?

Step 1: Assess Your Room's Decors

Before you can start your search for the perfect type of curtain rod, it’s helpful to narrow your search by assessing your room’s décor or design elements. Here are some popular home décor styles and some of their defining elements:

  • Traditional: Classic, orderly, matched

  • Contemporary: Clean, modern, sleek

  • Modern Farmhouse: Reclaimed materials, woodsy, country details

  • Eclectic: Mismatched, pulled together, different

  • Modern Industrial: Distressed, weathered, raw

  • Boho: Natural, earthy, textured

  • Mid-century: Modern Retro, streamlined, functional

  • Coastal: Casual, beachy, relaxed

As you might imagine, a curtain rod suitable for a coastal vibe would look entirely out of place in a traditionally decorated room. However, determining the look and feel of your space sets the tone for all other elements you’ll incorporate into it — including curtain rods!

Step 2: Select Curtain Rod Type

Now on to curtain rod types. The curtain rod type you choose will be dependent on your room’s decor, the weight of your curtains and your curtains’ functionality. Here are the most popular types of curtain rods:

  • Standard rods: Common and widely available, standard or single curtain rods are ideal for holding up most types of regular curtains, from sheer curtains to drapes.

  • Double curtain rods: Double rods can combine two window treatments to create a layered curtain effect.

  • Return or wraparound rods: With these U-shaped rods, curtains can fully wrap around the edges, covering windows completely. Wraparound rods are an excellent option for energy efficient or blackout curtains.

  • Wire or cable rods: Thin and flexible, these rods are made of wire and are suitable for lightweight curtains that can be curved or angled.

  • Tension or spring rods: These rods are recommended for smaller windows or windows that can’t accommodate regular rods or brackets. Though adjustable and inexpensive, tension rods aren’t durable enough for heavier curtains.

Step 3: Choose Your Curtain Rod Material

The finish of your curtain rod can add a subtle design element to any room. Wood and metal rods are the most popular and work in most rooms or homes. However, you can also find rods in steel, nickel, bronze or brass finishes. Below are some ideas for coordinating your room’s décor with suitable curtain rod materials. Your curtain rods don’t have to be physically made from these materials but aim for the general look and feel.

  • Traditional: Polished wood, brass, nickels

  • Contemporary: Black, chrome, nickels

  • Modern Farmhouse: Distressed, painted or whitewashed wood, brown tones, iron

  • Eclectic: Anything goes!

  • Modern Industrial: Matte metals, iron

  • Boho: Painted or distressed wood, bamboo, warm tones

  • Mid-century Modern: Polished or matte wood tones, bass

  • Coastal: Distressed, etched or whitewashed wood

Once you’ve decided on the finish, you’ll be able to choose the right curtain rod color with ease.

Step 4: Pick the Perfect Color

The color of your curtain rod should match with either the curtains, furniture or other decorative items in the room. If you have a dark brown wood bed frame, you may choose curtain rods of similar material and color. Or, perhaps you have cool-toned curtain colors, like a rich teal or a light gray. In that case, you may want to opt for a silver metal rod. Curtain rods typically come in standard colors (like white, black, silver, bronze or gold) that should fit the décor of most rooms.


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