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We never go out of style while choosing the laminated floors. Although it is laminated wood, you can find the beauty of real hardwood. Our easy-to-maintain laminated floors fit the taste of all the homeowners. Some of our laminated floors have a classic or rustic touch. However, you may also find painted laminated floors for your home. Our waterproof laminate flooring has also an overlay layer to protect the surface color from fading slowly.

Laminate Flooring is a floating glue less click locked & sealed flooring similar to a jigsaw puzzle. In this method, the individual planks are locked on to each other through clicking together but do not attach to the sub-floor on which it is being installed. Laminated Flooring is generally HDF based tongue and groove interlocking flooring system that rest on top of the existing substrate like ~ concrete slab, hardwood flooring or virtually any other flat hard surface that is suitable for installation.

Laminate Flooring is popular due to its ease of installation & its simple maintenance, easy cleaning methods, resistance to stains & a very durable surface due to the "WEAR RESISTANT LAYER".​

You’ve seen it everywhere, from home improvement blogs to Home Depot’s website—laminate flooring as far as the eye can see. But you still don’t really understand—what is laminate flooring, exactly?


It’s a question we hear all the time. Simply put, laminate flooring is a composite flooring material. It’s composed of multiple layers, it’s been around for about 50 years, and it’s designed to add style and value to your home while withstanding wear and tear. Most often, it’s designed to look like wood (but not always).

But that’s really just the tip of the iceberg.



All Holz Parkett Laminate floors are put through a series of tests to comply with the international standards, that is why we can give you a protracted residential warranty with all the products a limited commercial warranty for a few.

  • Stain Proof And Imprint Resistant 

Whether it's red wine, domestic liquids, or any kind of oil, whatever you sill- don't panic: everything can be easily cleaned and removed from the Holz Parkett Laminate floor. Our Floor is also abrasion-proof, Strong and durable.

  • Earth Friendly

All Holz Parket laminate floors are environmentally friendly as the core of the flooring is made out of waste or recycle wood, so you can have your flooring without immolating trees ensuring peace of mind for you and protection of our environment. Your Flooring should be always as clean as possible and free of any kind of bacteria, this is a major concern you. A Holz Parkett B.F. C bacteria free coaching stops the growth of any kind of bacteria on your flooring and guarantees you the peace of mind that only comes from a healthy environment.

  • Anti- Static Flooring 

Holz Parket Anti- Static Floors protected you against electrical shocks. Our Flooring remains Antistatic throughout its life and use. Besides, Holz Parket floors are really easy to clean as they do not attract dust and dirt at all therefore will remain clean as they do the floors occasionally.

  • Embossed In Registered

While Laminating the layers together to make a floorboard, we also make sure that the top texture of the flooring matches with the wood grain in the design layer, therefore our wooden flooring will also give the feel and touch of wood which features elegant contrasting and a thrilling multi-gloss effect that emphasises the depth of the structure that reflects the light differently. Meaning they flawlessly mimic the character of natural wood.

  • Scratch Protection

The top layer covers the design layer with an AI203, Which is the second hardest substance in the world and acts as a transparent protective layer, this ensures which will protect your floors from scratches that can occur through heavy use. With scratch protection, Your Flooring will be always protected against everyday wear and tear & fine scratches.


  • We provide a 30-year warranty for private living areas and a 5-year warranty for commercial areas.

  • The core of our floor2o is produced in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner using timber from sustainably managed forests.

  • The antibacterial coating gives bacteria no chance to grow. With periodic cleaning, you and your family can enjoy everyday life without a care.

  • Utilization class 33 AC% (EN 13329).

  • Extremely robust: with an AC% durability rating, H2O Floor withstands the demands of everyday life and more.

  • Thanks to it antibacterial Microscratvh protect the surface, which is also undaunted by small r mishaps, floor2o floor is exceptionally well-suited for life with house pets.

Floor2o Waterproof 12mm Laminate Floorin


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Floor2o Waterproof 12mm Laminate Floorin


A High-Quality extraordinary flooring experience for people who do not seek the ordinary, but look for high performance and want to create a lifestyle which can reflect their personality.


Floor2o with its 100% water protection technology is the safest bet when it comes to everday maintenance. You don't have to worry about your floor atoll, for example if you spill a drink or cause water spillages.

Floor2o Waterproof 12mm Laminate Floorin






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