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Are you still having the corporate office interior in the dull shades of white, blue and grey? Or the walls have washed out colors and have no charm in it at all? Whichever the case might be, it is high time to have a complete makeover of the office interior. Interior designing has now become a part of professionalism. Earlier it wasn’t used to take into account what should be the way of the rooms and the designs of the walls of the office starting from the reception desk to the co-working area and the conference rooms; employees came, worked and departed and the same cycle repeated every day. But this cycle that goes on every day, it hampers the well-being of the employees on a large scale as in the place a person spends so much of his time, the colors, patterns and the interior décor of a room makes a psychological effect on human beings.

The place where we are, should have the uplifting and motivating vibe so as to encourage people to bring more productivity, but this was understood by the industries later on and since then they are shifting their focus also on the office interior. The positive and aesthetic ambience matters a lot and since the space between the comfort level of home and office is reducing rapidly, so now it has become very important for the corporate sectors to look into the emotional well-being and comfort of their workers as well hence choosing the right interior décor is very much important. No matter if it is a wide spread office area having numerous employees or a private office with only a few people, the ambience should be set right and also in accordance with the focus of the business. Interior Solutions thus has and is helping numerous companies to have a very professional, decked up in the aesthetic tone office walls with wallpapers designs for office.

 How dose colour create psychological effects on human beings? 

In the work culture, like it is taught to the employees about professionalism, management and productivity, how to improve, grow and give their hundred percent, it is very much essential for the company as well to provide them that space where they feel at an ease, feel good for being there, feel positive and encouraged to focus on their work more and work in full force. Not only the walls that need to be changed but the whole set up. There should be proper lighting conditions, a well-maintained clean workplace, and the decorating items should be well placed and harmonious with the wallpaper in the wall.


While choosing the wallpaper for office interior, one must know and understand about the theory of colors. Humans are emotion driven and the colors make a direct effect on our mind. The interior designers have an in-depth understanding about the colors and patterns affecting the mood that is why in Interior Solutions, the designers curate the wallpapers for office after making a thorough study and then creating designs utilizing their creativity so as to give the utmost benefit to the people. Like the color bright red and yellow together creates irritation among people as it is distracting and the concentration might break off the employees. Choosing all dark shades like black, blue and dark brown might create a gloomy ambiance; all too pale colors such as off white, lightest shade of yellow, peach, green, orange etc. can form a very dull effect on mind.


This part is a bit tricky to choose the right colors for your wall but nothing intimidating, more so because Interior Solutions has the wallpapers designs for office interiors which are already created by analyzing all the factors and choosing the right colour contrast. There is an extensive range of wallpaper for office interior in different vibes so that every person finds the best one for them. Our expert team is always available for assistance if the displayed wallpapers aren’t fulfilling the needs of yours and we can always customize wallpapers accordingly.

 How to change the right wallpaper for office walls? 

Now after having understood the importance of colors and interior décor comes the part how to choose the right wallpaper. The offices are of a variety of types and there is a lot of work going on every day. For working together as a team and for the offices which are customer based (for good impression), it is very important to have the right wallpapers which will form the right effect on people. Suppose if it is an office of an engineer or real-estate, it is best recommended to go for geometric patterns in aesthetic and fun colours. The geometric patterns come in rectangular shape, triangle, and diamond shape etc. and range from subtle to bold prints.


If the office is of event management, consider adding aesthetic floral prints in the walls. Vintage wallpapers are best suitable for stores which deal with artefacts and home décor items. Modern and futuristic 3D wallpapers would go best for the EdTech offices, research centers and so on. For the designer’s office, the subtle yet colorful motifs or wall murals creates a very interesting effect, looks fresh, fun, professional and very eye pleasing.


Now for turning your office into a unique one choosing only one right wallpaper isn’t enough. From the entrance of the office till the cafeteria including the reception, co-working space, conference rooms, customer attendant areas, open halls etc. should have different wallpapers donned matching the vibe of the space. For the reception area, the wallpapers should have the inviting and welcoming vibes, the open hall space can have the walls adorned with fun colors and patterns but there should be a break in the wallpaper and not every wall should be covered with wallpapers. The conference room should have the color for better engagement; warm colors like orange and red is said to stimulate communication.


Interior Solutions has wallpapers designs for office which will suit every front of the company. It is often a difficult situation to not understand which one would be the adequate one from among the plethora of office wallpapers that would be the right choice and in that case one may always ask for assistance from us as we not only provide unique design premium quality wallpapers, we also make sure our customers be highly satisfied in every way with our office wallpapers.


We provide you best quality of designer wallpapers for your walls, our best series of wallpapers simply make your walls attractive and catchy. Our final objective is providing best service and products to our customers, we not only meet our customer’s requirement but also we go beyond this.

Our team really not work traditionally as It takes a keen hawk eye for detail to discover smart and sustainable wallpaper design solutions. Especially those that can infuse creative and style at the click of a button. Our Wallpaper shop located in Noida , Our handpicked customized wallpaper designs go beyond standard customized wallpaper patterns and mundane prints to encourage unique ideas, while the ease and convenience of ordering with us, makes for an equally unique experience. Are you ready to change the way you shop for customized wallpaper? We worked fervently with the paper manufacturers to ensure that the printing medium (the paper) would be top-grade and with the machine builders to be able to print from roll to roll instead of from sheet to sheet which the digital printer was really designed for. The experts had no advice to give so we were obliged to find our own answers to our questions and solutions to our problems. We discovered that there were no rights nor wrongs. We stopped looking at trends and found new patterns wherever we looked.



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  • Why Buy Laminate Wood Floors?
    Laminate wood flooring is a popular flooring trend for homeowners and commercial contractors. Also known as, a floating wood tile, laminate flooring is made of a multi-layer synthetic flooring solution fused together with a lamination process. At Interior Solutions our floor laminate products meet or exceed all environmental, health and safety requirements, including formaldehyde emissions.
  • How Much Extra Laminate Flooring Should You Buy?
    When you're ready to replace your flooring, you need to put in an order for the right amount. If you're planning to use laminate, that means adding a little extra to your purchase: an additional percentage added on to the exact measurement of the flooring you need. Many homeowners, however, struggle to determine exactly how much they need.
  • Why Order Extra?
    When you place your laminate order, allow an additional 5-15% of your initial flooring measurement to account for waste. If the room is relatively simple--a square with no extra corners or features in the middle of the room that you need to work around--you can probably get away with 5% waste, especially with an experienced contractor installing your flooring. On the other hand, if you have a complicated room--or if the room is particularly small--you may need to go as high as 15% waste. You can be sure of consistency within the lot. While laminate flooring usually has few differences between one lot and the next, you may notice some differences--and you'd rather have a room with a consistent appearance. Ordering extra for waste prevents delays. If you don't order enough flooring in the first place, you may find yourself waiting around for more to come in. This can mean wasted time for your contractor or even result in your project getting pushed back, since the contractor may need to work on other projects while waiting for your materials to come in
  • What If the Box Doesn't Come with the Right Measurement?
    You need an extra 25 square feet of flooring, but each box only comes with 20 square feet. Can you get away with not ordering that extra five square feet of flooring, or should you take the plunge and order the extra box? Short answer? Ordering the extra box has several benefits. When it comes to flooring, too much is always better than too little. If you don't need to use all of the extra floorings you ordered when you install it, you can set the laminate flooring to the side, ideally in an area climate-controlled approximately the same way as the room where the flooring is installed. Then, if there is damage to the laminate in the future, you can easily use the extra flooring to make repairs--and it will be a better match for your existing flooring than if you try to buy a new batch. On the other hand, if you're working with an experienced contractor in a relatively simple room, you may be able to get by without buying that extra box--especially if you're on a tight budget. Before deciding to leave that extra box sitting on the shelf--virtual or otherwise--talk with your contractor about how much waste laminate they feel they will need for your room. Talking with your contractor can also give you a better idea of how much waste laminate they expect to need in general, which can help you make better buying choices
  • Is it Easy to Install Laminate Flooring?
    Yes, when it comes to flooring installation; it doesn't get much easier than laminate wood flooring installation. Installing laminate planks does require a few tools like a saw and a hammer but other than cutting the boards it doesn't require a professional installer. We do recommend if you have it in your budget to hire a laminate flooring installer in your area. However, if you can't afford to pay several dollars per square foot for a pro to install your new floors then don't worry you can easily do it yourself.
  • How to Decide Which Way to Lay Laminate Flooring?
    There is no one right direction to lay laminate flooring. Each home and each space has its distinctive characteristics, such as size, decor, and lighting. Deciding which way to lay laminate flooring depends on those characteristics. Below you can find information on common ways to lay your flooring, different types of patterns, and tips on avoiding laminate flooring installation fails. Google Images and Pinterest serve as great resources, too, if you are stuck or need some more ideas.
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