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We provide you best quality of designer wallpapers for your walls, our best series of wallpapers simply make your walls attractive and catchy. Our final objective is providing best service and products to our customers, we not only meet our customer’s requirement but also we go beyond this.

Our team really not work traditionally as It takes a keen hawk eye for detail to discover smart and sustainable wallpaper design solutions. Especially those that can infuse creative and style at the click of a button. Our Wallpaper shop located in Noida , Our handpicked customized wallpaper designs go beyond standard customized wallpaper patterns and mundane prints to encourage unique ideas, while the ease and convenience of ordering with us, makes for an equally unique experience. Are you ready to change the way you shop for customized wallpaper? We worked fervently with the paper manufacturers to ensure that the printing medium (the paper) would be top-grade and with the machine builders to be able to print from roll to roll instead of from sheet to sheet which the digital printer was really designed for. The experts had no advice to give so we were obliged to find our own answers to our questions and solutions to our problems. We discovered that there were no rights nor wrongs. We stopped looking at trends and found new patterns wherever we looked.



Wallpapers for Cafes & Restaurant 

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We always wish to live in a house which is beautifully decorated and aesthetically pleasing and for that we start adding home decor items, furniture and other miscellaneous things to decorate the room until our eyes would be satisfied with what it sees. Obviously one of the main motives is the guests who would come to your house to provide them a nice, pleasant and eye-catching ambiance but more so because it is where one lives. And for that, the place has to have a radiant, compelling and uplifting environment.

The importance of interior decor transcends from just having a welcoming and lavish setup to having a psychological importance. The colours, patterns and the way of the rooms affects a lot in the mind of a person. The places where he has to spend so much of his time, May it be in the office or home, the walls shouldn’t be dull and painted in just one colour. Because it creates a very dull and demotivating atmosphere.

And why colour? It is now being replaced by premium quality wallpapers. Do the plain basic walls complement the chic and elegant home decors that you bought for that gram worthy aesthetic set up? Be innovative and let your creativity flow with the help of the latest designs wallpaper that would take your interior decor game to the next level. Interior Solutions has the premium quality latest wallpapers design so that you never miss the on-going trend in wallpaper designs to decorate your walls in the modern way.

Latest wallpaper designs to beautify your walls



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3. Get free delivery & installation.

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5. Choose from various designs on our site.

6. Our wallpaper consultant will assist you in selection.


1. On time delivery

2. Fast and hassle free installation

3. Free installation with every order

4. Huge selection of exquisite designs

5. Exceptionally talented team of experts

6. Non-woven and easily washable high quality wallpapers


Q1. I have my wallpaper idea on my phone. can you give me that same wallpaper?

Answer: Yes, we can. we deal in Customize 3D wallpaper wherein we will take your ideas and will bring them to your walls.

Q2. Do you sell superhero 3D wallpaper for Kids?

Answer: Yes we deal in every type of kids wallpaper. Whether it be any superhero or cartoon characters. you just have to send in the reference so that we could make a customized 3D kids wallpaper and work on giving your room a makeover. Do go through our website to get an idea. For more design contact us on - 9210991747.

Q3. What if there's any color variance in wallpaper than shown on your website?

Answer: We endeavor to give you the best but a minor color variance is possible as colors tend to reflect differently when the picture is enlarged and printed onto wallpaper. The variation could be because of the effect of digital photography and printing which could lead to a lighter color variation. A slighter color variation is bound to happen and that’s normal. For any further queries feel free to contact us on - +91-9210991747.

Q4. I am not sure about the image that I have is of high quality or not. What shall I do?

Answer: Well, You need not worry about that. We will make help you out. Once you visit our office with all your high-Quality images, Our wallpaper consultant will help you out to sort the high-resolution picture that would look appropriate on your wall. Don’t worry just give us a call on- +91-9210991747 so that we could get in touch with you and help you out.

Q5. I Just got my walls painted a few days back. Can I get a wallpaper installed?

Answer: Yes you certainly can. Please refer to the designs mentioned above or else contact us on - +91-9210991747  for further assistance.

Q6. What is the wallpaper size available to you?

Answer: We have extensive wallpaper selection available in all sizes. Once you select the wallpaper and measure the size of the wall. we print the wallpaper of that size.

Q7. Can I give my wall measurement in Centimetres?

Answer: yes, you could give us your wall measurement in cm and we will convert it into square ft and would print wallpaper of that size. If you find it difficult to measure contact us at - +91-9210991747 so that our professional could visit your place and take the necessary measurements.

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