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Braavo is a premium cushioned sports flooring designed keeping in mind the modern day requirement of a floor that is heavy duty but soft enough for a comfortable and jerk free workout in a gym, sports court or a fitness / wellness centre.

The highly resilient wear layer is produced using specialty resins that takes care of the heavy abrasion loads. The ‘Impregnated Glass Fibre Tissue” reinforcement provide a very high dimensional stability and lay flat properties to the product in any weather conditions. The surface is specially treated with PUR surface treatment for easy maintenance. The densely compacted cushioned base layer absorbs the jerks and also adds to the acoustical property of the floor.

  • Homogeneous,hard wearing and non-directional

  • Anti-bacterial and fungicidal

  • “T” rating for best performance

  • PUR with anti dirt surface minimizes scratches,scuff marks,stains and maintenance The flooring can be made seamless by way of thermal welding

  • Application areas: Schools, hospitals, stores,large public areas,pharmaceuticals etc


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