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 SPINTA wall to wall carpets 


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  • Vacuuming is the most important cleaning procedure. Effective vacuuming prevents soil from spreading through the carpet,

  • Correct and regular maintenance will increase the lifespan of a carpet and also helps to maintain its appearance. Cleaning should be proportional to the amount of soiling to which the carpet is subjected.

  • For a heavy soiled carpet, professional cleaning is recommended.

  • If using an upright vacuum cleaner with rotating beater bar and brush. ensure that it is at a higher seating to reduce possible fuzzing.

  • Technically, carpet pigments are better, but color’s may fade. If possible the carpet should be protected from intense, direct sunlight.

  • Although color variation are not imminent, however, may arise due to different Dye lot.

  • To reduce soiling and wear high traffic areas, place walk-off mats at all entrances. These must be cleaned and related regularly.


Construction:                               Modulated Graphics

Width:                                           25X100CM

Pile Fiber Composition:              CAMFIN PP

Yarn Type(mm):                           POLYPROPYLENE

Pile Weight:                                  700 GMS/M2

Pile Height:                                   4 – 5 MM

Total Height:                                 7 - 8 MM

Number of Tufts:                          1/12”

Tufting Gauge:                              1/12”

Primary Backing:                          NON WOVEN LUTRADOR

Secondary Backing:                     PVC + FIBRE GLASS

Tile Size:                                        50 CM X 50 CM

Pile Treatment:                             3M

Recommended Installation:        SURFACE TACKIFIER